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advent for building human capital

abcTM Report

Report from Inception
May 2012 to 31Dec 2015

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Founder’s Message

abcFoundation (abc) has been established as a not-for-profit organization to help development of young adults to communicate in English to a globally recognized standard, to enable them to take up employment in hospitality in their host countries or to avail opportunities through an affiliated abc placement company for employment in the UAE.

abc's core initiative is to impart learning through a specially developed curriculum "English for Hospitality Professionals" to young adults having successfully completed specially designed abc assessment tests. Graduates benefit further through relevant grooming skills. All our services are imparted by trained abc tutors under the supervision of abc master trainers.

abc's main objective is to build human capital so graduates benefit financially, and in turn are beneficial to their families and society as a whole.

abc guarantees to deliver our mandate through strict adherence of prescribed values.

Roxana Jaffer

Executive Summary

Training and development plays an important role in the effectiveness of organizations especially in hospitality. Good communication with guests is paramount for hospitality establishments especially today where there is a large culture mix. Youngsters who may have been schooled in English, lack confidence due to lack of practice of the spoken language in their home countries and when they attain jobs in countries of the GCC, find that growth to the next rung is denied due to their handicap. abc recognized this gap and rose to the challenge.

To allow equal chance for rapid growth as those who speak English confidently, and to inject self-assurance & professional maturity in their personality; abc initiated a dedicated 'English for Hospitality Professionals' (EHP) training program that takes into account everyday scenarios of customer care and polite assertiveness, and that is easily replicated in different countries.

It took years of research, including a thorough feasibility of targeted countries and cities of operation; curriculum development with an ideal pedagogy; trainers’ training; evaluation, criteria of enrolment with precise goals and objectives for the idea to germinate, finally materializing in three Chapters that run in Pakistan, India & the UAE.

This report summarizes all the efforts rendered from 2010 during the feasibility era to inception in May 2012 through to 2015 in bringing the cause to its present mellowness.

Today, it is heartening to say that abc’s dream has been realized through consistent efforts of its volunteers, peers, and patrons. The reward is seeing the difference abc is making in the life of individuals it touches, some who may never have been given a chance.


abc is a progressive non-profit organization with a remit for building human capital. Based in Dubai, through its knowledge of the GCC market and needs in the hospitality industry, it has developed under an accredited British school of English, a special program to be relayed to youth so they can attain an ideal level of employment in the industry instead of spending several years bettering themselves when being employed.


The hospitality sector’s continued growth - in the Middle East and in particular, in the UAE - has created a huge demand for suitably trained non-supervisory staff, with a good command of English language and able to deal with day to day hospitality situations. Whilst developing and underdeveloped countries are keen to allow their citizens to avail employment opportunities abroad, they do not have ready opportunities for ideal training in both the English Language and in soft skills like grooming.

This is a major stumbling block for growth and progress of young aspirants as they start their career with poor communication skills and insufficient command of English.

This recognition has prompted abc to work in finding a viable and effective solution to this problem. Laced with its farsighted vision and mission, abc took the lead in providing skilled labor to hotel industry in a unique way.

abc’s Adherence Norms

Vision, Mission, Mandate, Values


"To augment society by enabling discerning youth to be developed through specialized skills and knowledge transfer, so employment opportunities can be availed"

"An Advent for Building human Capital: To be instrumental in advancing growth to unemployed adolescents through professional curricula imparted by trained tutors to engender a positive impact on society in selected territories“

To give individuals a platform whereby they can achieve optimum results as they step into an international work environment





Acceptance of diversity


abc Family & abc Patrons

Chronicles of abc Foundation

Since the development of the idea in 2010, friends and colleagues of the founder have supported its cause by contributing both time and money to take abc to its current status. abc spread its wings to Syria, Tanzania, Pakistan, and India from UAE. Below we have briefly given the highlights of its progress in making abc a name that embraces diversity and versatility.

Feb 2010: Feasibility– Syria

An initiative was taken back in 2010 when the founder conducted a study on her own of an idea that was based only on an inspiration. The feasibility showed achievability with right acumen of partners and the seed of the ideal curriculum and criteria of engaging participants was sown. However, political instability and difficult entry requirements to the UAE did not allow Syria to be the first choice of the pilot. With much regret abc has had to seize its initiative drive till Syria regains its political standing.

This initial learning was put to good use, as the founder developed the concept so it could be used as a model for discerning individuals in other countries of need. abc was given birth as the founder enthused three other members to join and become the founding team to plan dissemination in other countries.

Jun 2010: Feasibility – Tanzania

In June of the same year, the founding team consisting of four ladies from different walks of life set off for Tanzania to continue the feasibility. The visit included meetings with officials from Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. During this tenure many schools and English Language institutes were visited and training needs were anticipated. Formation of a legalised body proved very costly and whilst the feasibility for a need for abc's presence in Tanzania was substantiated, plans have been postponed to a later date. By December 2010 abc was ready to venture to the 3rd country (Pakistan)

2011: Strategy and Curriculum

For a foolproof remit to another country curriculum completion and assessment tests for qualification became a priority as we employed a notable accredited British school of English to author a special curriculum – ‘English for Hospitality Professionals (EHP)’ under license.

Strategies for Eligibility - Entrance Tests (Grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and oral) with a Marking rubric were developed. A Teachers Handbook, with teaching methodology, certification and evaluation strategies as well as processes for sustainability were engendered

Passionate founders were ready to put evaluation entrance tests to use and take their first cohort of students.

Logos and its Ethos, Website

A novel logo for abc was developed. Please refer to the back cover for the ethos of the logo that speaks volumes of the work of abc.

A dedicated website was launched.

Armed with the knowledge from Tanzania and Syria and prepared with professional assessment tests the team decided to conduct feasibility in Islamabad and assess a cohort of out of work individuals into the first pilot.


May 2012: Feasibility: Pakistan

May 2012: Feasibility / 1st Assessment Workshop: Pakistan

The visit filled the management with great hopes as 93 candidates showed up in 3 day workshop only through word of mouth marketing

According to the statistics, a total of 70 individuals were eligible to sit assessment tests. The individuals were briefed about the concept of abc, its vision & mission before and were asked to take the formulated tests.

Below are the results of the 70 candidates who were evaluated. 46 participants cleared the assessment. Out of these 46 aspirants, few outstanding applicants were offered different jobs and one of them was given the opportunity of a job in Dubai.

Apr 2013: Workshop: Pakistan

Apr 2013: 2nd Assessment Workshop : Pakistan

With such encouraging results from the first assessment of applicants, the need for a suitable partner to administer control over a resident team became vital. Teachers had to be identified as were economical premises in a conducive location. It took a whole year to identify a local partner as they ventured back to Islamabad for a 2nd Assessment of 90 students.

Triple T Workshop: Pakistan

Apr 2013: & 'Train the Trainer’ (Triple T) Workshop: Pakistan

abc launched its specially designed Train the Trainer'(Triple T) program - a systematic quality inspection system for trainers which has become the cornerstone for disseminating excellence in teaching. It is a course that allows the management to understand, develop and enhance the training abilities of our teachers where performance of all the trainers is regularly monitored and evaluated by senior management to ensure eminence.

'Triple T' was delivered over 2 days by the Master Trainer to notable specialists in education and HR professionals. The programme was initiated to an audience of 8 already qualified lecturers and teachers selected from 30 applicants of different backgrounds and disciplines. The new teaching techniques and curriculum, was well received being, but which had to be tweaked before finalization. Two tutors for abc were selected based on their experience in working with services with a remit of bringing change to lives of youth of Pakistan.

abc was ready to launch its first pilot with help of a local partner.

Dec 2013: Partnership: Pakistan

December 2013: Partnership: abc & Hashoo Foundation: Pakistan

After several discussions and meetings in 2013, abc consummated a partnership with a local established charity organisation, Hashoo Foundation (HF) HF having been established for several years and sponsored by the owners of one of the top Hotel Chains in Pakistan was an ideal choice over other partners The close proximity of Hashoo Foundation’s Diploma in Hospitality Management program was indeed beneficial.

Feb 2014: 1st Batch: Pakistan

February 2014; 1st Batch: Pakistan

With the partnership, the first intake of 24 students was initiated who attended a 6 week course. Teething problems were ironed out as batches continued with HF through the year. Further, graduates have been helped with CV writing, grooming skills and placement for jobs.

Graduates from the first intake, have since been placed in employment some making waves in Dubai (see testimonial by one of them – Suleman Saleem).

May 2014: Graduation: Pakistan

May 2014: Graduation: Pakistan

The first abc graduation ceremony presided by personnel from Dubai was held in Islamabad. 24 students have been awarded the certificates who are now suitably employed and are active as our Alumni on the social media network.

Career Counselling: Pakistan

May 2014: Career Counselling: Pakistan

Following the certificate distribution ceremony, an ‘out of the norm’ Career Counselling Session was held where 35 participants including graduates and other members of Management Team of local Hotels participated.

Feasibility: Delhi, India

May 2014: Feasibility Delhi: abc Chapter for Delhi: India

With the success of the Pakistan's chapter, an enquiry for taking abc to Delhi materialized by the interested patron Mrs Anita Mehra. A feasibility study, ensued to the suitability of the city, as over 25 NGO s were visited and a need for abc 's expertise was established. The visit filled the management with great hopes as they envisaged: Partnership: Place of operation; Formation of operating entity; Understanding Profile of students;Understanding Profile of teachers ; Initial set up costs; Running Budget Sustainability Plan.

abc Chapter for UAE

May 2014: abc Chapter for UAE

Success of abc in Pakistan enthralled the team to take the next big leap, launching of abc in UAE. Although UAE is the logistical hub, where the curriculum and monitoring is carried out, an official chapter had not been launched. The idea of patronage with Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Dubai was explored.

Jun 2014: Triple T: UAE

June 2014: Triple T: UAE

Our Master trainer delivered a 4 day Triple T session to all in the UAE team (management & non) Understanding of abc and its machinery paved the path for launching abc to individuals in September. Subsequently, the trained trainers were sent to India and Pakistan to assess their teachers and lay a solid ground for these chapters

Aug 2014: Patronage for India

August 2014: Patronage for India

With a feasibility of India successfully completed, a MOU agreement was signed in August, by the patron Anita Mehra and the founder. An abc Chapter in India under a Trust abcID to operate in Delhi was ready to commence, as premises were identified and a liaison officer and tutor came on board.

Sep 2014: 1st Pilot: UAE

September 2014: 1st Pilot Session: UAE

abc's first pilot in Dubai began in Sept running for 6 weeks for hotel employees. The aim of the pilot was to understand English Communication barriers and to assess the influence of training & strength of EHP curriculum. Training given to 9 applicants showed positivity through assessment, interview & evaluation. This pilot allowed the abc team to tweak its teaching strategy to make a base for all other chapters.

Oct 2014: Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha as UAE Patron: UAE

October 2014: Patronage for UAE

The embellishing insight from the pilot in the year facilitated a partnership for a remit for training, not only Holiday Inn Al Barsha employees but to have an intake from other local establishments with Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Mr. Bashir Nathoo.

Dec 2014: OEC: Pakistan

December 2014: New Alliance with OEC: Pakistan

A new alliance was consummated with Organization for Educational Change(OEC) resulting in training for another batch in Islamabad Dec 2014/ Jan 2015 as part of a pragmatic strategy to bring a venue closer to applicants. The purpose was well served as the team detected positive impact as substantiated by encouraging feedback received from attendees resulting in future reservations.

Jan 2015: 1st Batch: India

January 2015: 1st Batch abcID: India

abcID first batch of “English for Hospitality Professionals” of 7 candidates commenced in January 2015 for 6 weeks. The finale was a graduation ceremony held in April in the presence of the patron and founder. The impact this course has made in the students life can be seen here

Apr/May 2015: UAE Chapter Continues

Apr/ May 2015: - UAE Chapter Continues: UAE

A second batch with an intake of 13 students, concluding with 10 graduates has paved the path for an ongoing service to society. The training ended up with satisfactory results despite a few who dropped out with a guarantee of reservation at the next intake. Success of project was determined by using evaluation forms and interviews. Training data such as attendance & class participation has helped in estimating viability of the UAE Chapter aided by constructive feedback from attendees and their department heads who evaluate the change brought by abc.

Aug 2015: 3rd Batch: UAE

August 2015: 3rd Batch: UAE

Success of past two session lead to an instant start of 3rd session in Aug. The influx of students has doubled with a mix of several nationalities from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Like previous batches this session excelled in expectations as graduates bagged achievements certificates. Moreover the graduate, experiencing a change in personal confidence levels has prompted planning for advance level of training.

Sep 2015: 2nd Batch: India

September 2015: 2nd Batch abcID: India

abcID second batch of 8 candidates for 6 weeks training culminated with a second graduation ceremony in December. The impact this course makes in the students life can be seen here as some pursue further education, whilst others take up employment

Through to Dec 2015: Pakistan

Through to Dec 2015: Pakistan

With the strong commercial influence of Organization of Educational Change (OEC) batches have continued during the year. In next batch 30 students (most being university graduates) were assessed and only 12 qualified. This batch experimented with study tours with reputed hotels. Serena Islamabad having arranged a comprehensive study tour and complete orientation of the Hotel. Pakistan chapter has achieved a stable cycle of training sessions and is expecting to expand its operation from one session to multiple simultaneous sessions in 2016.

Aug 2015: Triple T: UAE

August 2015 : Triple T - In UAE : For All Chapters

2015 is a notable year in the life of abc. Not only running 3 Chapters in 3 different countries but also bridging the gap between different cultures and nationalities. So to bring Indian, Pakistani and UAE chapters closer, trainers and management staff were brought to Dubai for a mega Triple T session.

The 3 day event focused not only on training the trainers, but learning about challenges and concerns, and exploring new ideas. The event has helped all chapters to operate with greater efficiency and setting strict strategic goals for 2016.

Dec 2015: 3rd Batch: India

December 2015: 3rd Batch abcID: India

abcID third batch of 10 candidates for “English for Hospitality Professionals” commenced in December 2015 running through to Mar 2016 concluded by a graduation ceremony. The impact this course has made in the students life can be seen here

Impact Statement: How abc ‘Made a difference’

"The question is, not only what I have achieved, the question is what have I helped others to achieve? That is the notion of social conscience in Islam"

H.H. The Aga Khan
Excerpt of Speech
Maputo, Mozambique 12 Aug 1988

These inspirational words serving as our backdrop, abc has strived to become a stepping stone for youth who are either unemployed or trying to make ends meet in low paid manual employment. Our objective is not only to avail training in hospitality but to impact their lives positively so in turn they too can give back to society.

The purpose of the training offered, is to enhance knowledge and skills of entrants and to modify behaviour to suit expected international work standards and practices. Training is an investment for all involved: the learner,the course developer, the trainer and the organization sponsoring the training. On one hand, we were pleased to monitor the positive influence of the training on students. On other hand an amusing positive impact was also witnessed on the lives of the contributors i.e. abc team which majorly consists of volunteers. In this section of report, we will discuss how one thought has changed the lives of the stakeholders (students & abc team)

Impact on Trainers

From the very beginning, trainers and project in charges have joined their heads to come up with best strategies for the success of abc. Providing a high quality training demands time and effort; The quality of product depends on the quality of resources devoted to produce it. In case of abc, a team of highly passionate experts dedicated a handsome portion from their busy lives to the cause. From the development of curriculum, designing of website, running the pilot and finally managing complete chapters opened doors to new challenges and opportunities to explore through their skills. abc prides itself in claiming that the family is constantly growing and departures & good bye have never been said. Even if the honourable members make a geographical move, they request to stay connected and make a difference by practicing abc norms in their personal capacity.

Feedback from Mr. Sami (after attending 'Train the Trainer’ Workshop in Apr 2013: PAKISTAN)

"Throughout the week I had been waiting for the two days of rest at end. The weekend turned out to be two more days work, but this time it was great fun and learning instead of the drudgery I had been through week. It was a two day workshop for teachers on teaching the English necessary for the rapidly growing hospitality industry. Ms. Roxanna Jaffer, the Founder of the organization explained what inspired her into the initiative. It was an excerpt from the Aga Khan's speech where he said it was not what he had achieved, but what he helped others achieve that mattered. I belong to Hunza in Northern Pakistan and I remember the grim visages of poverty and illiteracy that haunted the villages in Hunza in my childhood. The Aga Khan's commitment to the region had transformed its fate; and in the process I had been educated. My father would explain to me and my siblings that a new language called English was the new wealth. And those who didn't know it have\] no future he would say. He would pair me up with foreign tourists staying at the hotel he had launched. Inspired by the Aga Khan's emphasis on English as an international language and not satisfied with how it was being taught at the village school, he moved my whole family to the south to Gilgit. All this ran through me as I heard her elaborate the importance of English in the hospitality industry. The audience was a cocktail of the hotel industry veterans and English language teachers like me. The foundation had come up with specially tailored English for Hospitality course book that well structured simple but comprehensive guide for the teacher. Madam Farah jogged us through the different modules in her brisk, congenial and very effective style. There were new ways I could teach some of the language skills my students previously considered unexciting. And then there was Madam Qurat with her baby-like glee and huge eyes that was very supportive and encouraging throughout. The three had sacrificed their weekend to "help others achieve". And that was something I needed to do too, in future. On a different note I felt it could have been a three day workshop where the participants could have lesser strain and more time for interacting with each other, especially with the hotel industry people who were there to help the teachers who had many questions about the industry and didn't have the time to ask them. The quality of food on the last day was not up to the mark. On the whole the workshop was a grand success and one that I would remember for a long time to come."

Impact Statement: Inception to Dec 2015

Since the abc team has been involved with the cause on volunteer basis, it was important to gauge their interest and measure the impact on their lives as well. We put forwarded the some stories of magnificent transformations, the response received from our team is exceptional.

*Incomplete data from Hashoo Foundation session.


Started as:
Current Designation:

Irshad Murtaza
Kitchen Steward (low income earner)
Business Owner

“Among 5 siblings I was second youngest but that didn’t mean that I had fewer shares in home responsibilities. In Pakistan, the financial burden is equally shared by all men in house and like my older siblings I also wanted to be of financial help. All my efforts were limited to the opportunities where English was not an essential requirement. The lack of language skill always chopped off my professional growth and progress. In 2009, I got the chance to work at Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha as “Steward”; a job where no language is required, only getting the task done matters. I was still young and an enthusiastic lad,. I decided to perform well and soon I was noticed for my work performance by the CEO of the company. Being a leader, it was easy for her to spot the talent conveniently but what surprised her was my designation. To utilize my t potential, she called me in and recommended me to join a course called “English for Hospitality Professionals”. No sooner than I joined, the training started to reflect in me. I was more comfortable and fluent while communicating with others in English. Armed with communication skill, new ventures started to unlock. Escalation from Stewarding to Concierge; Concierge to Head Concierge and then Guest Service Agent (Front office), that was quite some progress but not the only progress I made in life. Apart from beaming career, I managed to bring my brothers to UAE as well, something that no one in my family ever did. I was not only in a strong position to help them in establishing their careers but also in financing in their acquiring English Language skills. Alhamdulillah now I own an independent business in UAE and my brothers are well settled in their chosen careers. I attribute my success to one decision i.e. joining abcFoundation to learn English. It made me who I am today.”

Started as:
Current Designation:

Muhammad Suleman Saleem
Housekeeping Coordinator
Cluster E-Commerce

“They say that “First step is always the hardest” but for me it has never been that way. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and that place was abcFoundation. My career was fast tracked thanks to the promise kept by the abcFoundation; the promise of opportunity and growth through learning and development. I started my Career as a Housekeeping Coordinator in competitive environment of Dubai and within 2 years I was enjoying the designation of Cluster E-Commerce Executive in Rotana Hotel. I would like to thank abcFoundation and its management for all the guidance and genuine support throughout my career.”

Started as:
Current Designation:

Muhammad Israr
Housekeeping Attendant (low income earner)
Telephone Operator (Front Office)

“Life is full of surprises, especially if everything in your life is simple and average. I grew up watching my parents living a simple life, saw my cousins taking up normal job; no one made any out of blue move but I did. I never thought that I will end up in Dubai working for a world renowned hotel Chain. Like every other boy in town, I thought that I will simply join my father’s business and live a regular life. But destiny had other plans for me. One fine evening, I heard my friend all excited about this new hospitality training program started in the city. He was praising them for their quality practices in developing good communication skills for the chosen students. Selection criteria were tough but somehow I made in. Initially I was thinking that it is another attempt of making money but the interview section surprised me. I was interviewed in a manner that was never practiced before. They were extremely professional and knew how to evaluate the candidate and I believe that’s where they saw the spark in me.

I was overwhelmed to see my name in the final list and impatiently waited for the training to start. To my expectation, they delivered a marvellous training. There was not a single day when I walked out of class thinking I haven’t learned something today. Every class was a new opportunity to learn, to explore the hidden talent within. Days passed by quickly and our batch of 15 students gathered around one last time for certificate ceremony. We were thrilled to hear the news that passed out students will be given a chance to be interviewed by employers in UAE. I was among the lucky students who were interviewed. I must say that everything I learned in training aided in bagging the job. I started my career as Housekeeping attendant but within 8 months, I was transferred to Front office to take up responsibilities of telephone operator. For a boy from a small town it was a big deal. Who would have imagined that a small tool such as English Language could take someone from an average life to high life of Dubai? At abc we didn’t meet teachers but mentors, who encouraged us to become a contributing hand in society. Initially I didn’t know how to do it or from where to start but after going through such a revolution, I understand what to do now. Being a brother of 3 sisters, I aim to aid my sisters in getting good education. They will need financial as well as moral support which I can guarantee by all means. My longer run plan is to give them the chance to see and work in competitive environment of 1st world country be it UAE or any other.”

Started as:
Current Designation:

Piyar Azam
Engineering Supervisor
Business Owner

“It has been 4 years since I started working in engineering department. Everything was fine, I was earning better than my home country and things looked good in the beginning but later the language barrier started to shake the future prospects. It not only halted my communication with colleagues but also my career growth. In place like Dubai, communication is everything and I was lacking on it. It could be easily seen in my meetings with managers where I used to sit quiet. I wanted to talk but couldn’t, my words used to finish before I could make my point. Seeing this, my manager nominated my name for an outsourced training program “English for Hospitality Professionals”. The training was a complete transformation for me, from command on English to confidence development, presentation to leadership; they covered all aspects necessary to lead a competitive professional life. Soon my discussions became more meaningful and my presence was acknowledged and appreciated in form of promotions. This also impacted on my personal life as I was setting challenging goals for myself. Being married, I had to think about stable life. My better half and son was back in my home country and the only thing in my mind was “how to reunite the family”. Impressed by my fluent communication and management skills, many traders and dealers were expressing interest in working with me. That gave me the idea of starting up a small business, all I needed was communication and management; two things I had acquired during abc training. My small start up helped me in calling over my parents to Dubai for a visit. Next target is to bring better half and kids to Dubai for good. Seeing my child going to a school in place like UAE would be the great achievement of my life.”

Started as:
Current Designation:

Mehndi Raza
TI employee

“I used to get rejected in interviews; I gave almost 7 interviews before joining abcID. I joined abcID to sharpen my English communications skills and to get a job in Hospitality sector and pursue my career in Hotel Industry and it was a complete miracle for me. abcID is one of the best in the country to impart learning English for Hospitality Professionals and the faculty here is very knowledgeable and friendly - that was a large influence on my life and career. I got a job immediately after completion of the course.”

P.S: Mehndi Raza is currently employed by Unicrafts, India

Started as:
Current Designation:

Sarfaraz Sulemani
Crew Member McDonalds

Days before my graduation I had the first interview. And the job was mine.

“Six months back I was reading the remarks of abcID as you do now. I wanted to change my future. I never thought that come true. Every Saturday, was a great sacrifice, intense days. The best thing I've done was to make this course. Adarsh is an excellent teacher, excellent professional. Days before my graduation I had the first interview. And the job was mine. Taking the 8 week course at abcID was one of the best decisions I made! I was also privileged to have been taught by a trainer like, Adarsh. His sanguinity, fervor and passion for the Hotel industry are portrayed outstandingly in the way he teaches the class. He is also supportive and makes every effort to make sure that you understand what is being discussed in lessons. A big thank you Adarsh! The course is very insightful and informative. It is the ideal course for those looking for a career into the hotel industry. I vastly advise taking the course! If you're going to do the course, very best of luck. Thanks to abc Foundation and abcID.”

P.S: Sarfaraz Sulemani is currently employed by McDonalds in India

Started as:
Current Designation:

Anshika Agrawal
Employee IS Global Web

“It has been amazing attending this course.”

“So here is how all started! 8 weeks course, 40 days...and it seems like yesterday! I was surfing on this website and I spoke to Sonam for more information. I went to abcID and I registered for my course. I arrived on my first day and I hated my classmate because she took my favourite spot!! Adarsh from quiet and anonymous trainer started with a "GOOOOOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!!” I found a small Ghaziabad family in this class, and classmates from all over the country! It has been amazing to attend this course. It has been an implausible experience! I will always keep in mind it with a big smile on my face. Today I have a great job in hand thanks to abc....WILL AWAYS BE INDEBTED TO YOU!!! ”

Started as:
Current Designation:

Poonam Sheoran
Employee Energizer

“It is an ideal course for people who wish for a career into the hospitality industry.”

“Enrolling into the EHP (English for Hospitality Professionals 8 week course at abcID was one of the best decisions I made! I was also privileged to have been taught by world’s best and most entertaining trainer, Adarsh. His hopefulness, passion and enthusiasm for the Hospitality industry are portrayed remarkably in the way he teaches the class. He is also compassionate and makes every effort to make sure that you understand what is being discussed in lesson. A big thank you Adarsh Sir! The course is very insightful and informative. It is the perfect course for those looking for a career into the hotel industry. I highly recommend taking the course! With smiles and if you're going to do the course, the very best of luck! ”

Operating Information

Operated in Pakistan as Foundation: abcF

Operated in India as Trust: abcID

Operated in UAE as LLC Company: abcFinale

Grants are voluntary payments (and other transfers of Cash money) made to partner organizations in furtherance of the Charity’s objectives.

Incoming resources
All income, including donations, legacies and investment income, is recognized in the official books when the company can demonstrate entitlement to the income, receipt is virtually certain and the amount can be quantified with reasonable accuracy.

2016: Way Forward

EHP Pogram - Park Regis, Dubai

Dubai Chapter has set a new bench mark for all other chapters by taking up a training contract with Park Regis, a five star hotel in Dubai. The project is expected to start in summer 2016 with at least 15 candidates in first batch.

Bangladesh Chapter

After the satisfactory functioning of all three chapters, abc management is focusing all its energy in running a feasibility research in Bangladesh. Bangladesh chapter will kick off by mid of 2016.

EHP Program – Jebel Ali Golf Resort Dubai

Initial negotiations with Jebel Ali Resort has been conducted and they are expected to allocate the budget for EHP Program for year 2016

EHP Program – Ramada Ajman Hotels

Ramada Ajman Hotels are planning to conduct EHP Program for their 600 colleagues during the mid of 2016. Initial discussions already took place