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abcTM Tailored Curriculum

Levels of abc Tailored Curriculum

Entrance Assessment:

Passing of tailored tests on vocabulary, grammar, writing and oral, marked against a designed rubric will enable placing applicants to each of the levels below.

Level 1: Intermediate

72 hours of learning, focused on initiating and indulging in English conversations

Knowledge of basic hospitality etiquette

Frequently used vocabulary and phrases

Placement preparation for various hotel departments

Allow choice to be made for department selection.

Level 2: Advance

72 hours of learning focusing on advanced language usage for the hospitality industry and within different roles.

An opportunity to be placed in a hotel for work experience will also be offered.

Skills enhancement

Workshops will focus on increasing participant's confidence by giving them the knowledge and practice to communicate in a professional manner

Job Experience Workshops & Role- plays to focus on increasing confidence through advanced knowledge and practice of communication through English only

Grooming Skills and CV writing skills.