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abcTM Territories

abc can only operate in selected emerging countries within an accessible vicinity of Dubai. Only after a preliminary visit to a desired city in these countries, and only after successful completion of an in-depth feasibility by members of the founding team will the place be agreed.

The city will have to meet with our strict criteria for abc Board approval before an operating Foundation or Trust gets legalised.

abc in Pakistan operates under an incorporated NGO "abc Foundation".

Under this banner two programs are conducted in Rawalpindi and Islamabad successfully as students get certified as abc graduates.

abc in India operates under a Trust Deed "abcID" and is successfully running its operations in Sector-14, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad.

abc in Dubai is running its operations as a training ground for teachers and piloting students growth through applicants of hotels on a pro-bono basis.

Tanzania & Syria are on hold presently.