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abc foundation

abc Foundation

abc learnt that providing English to youth would help with their growth because:

 English is the key for employment globally

 English is a necessity and a way forward for the 21st Century

 English at school allows reading/writing skills but VITAL conversation is poor * 

 Fluency in spoken English builds confidence needed for international standards

 abc connects abc graduates to local and international hospitality opportunities for greater financial rewards

 abc helps build Human Capital.

abc job placement

abcFinale - Job Placement

 abc Graduates are helped through abcFinale ( a Dubai based  incorporated company to gain employment.

 abcFinale, operates independently to abcFoundation as a sister entity, but under the same value systems placing Graduates in employment

 KFC American Embassy – India Le Meridian JW Marriott India Sofitel Hotel JBR, Dubai  

 Holiday Inn, Dubai McDonalds, Delhi Unicraft, Delhi HFDC Bank, Delhi Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Founder's Message

These inspirational words hit a chord, as abcFoundation got established as a not-for-profit organisation to help development of young adults to a globally recognized standard, to enable them to take up employment in the hospitality industry.
abc's core initiative is to impart learning made available by trained abc tutors of a specially developed curriculum "English for Hospitality Professionals" to young adults having completed successful specially designed abc assessment tests. Graduates benefit further through relevant grooming skills and job application skills.
Employment opportunities for abc graduates are made available through an affiliated abc placement company for employment in the UAE if growth in their host countries is not possible.

The end result is gratifying as we witness our graduates going towards further education or employment that had deluded them earlier, or even becoming entrepreneurs. abc does not only benefit graduates financially, but helps eradicate poverty, as their families and indeed society sees a transformation.

What Drives Us


An Advent for Building human Capital: To Be instrumental in advancing growth for discerning individuals to have a positive impact on society in selected territories


To enhance human capital through skills and knowledge transfer


Compassion, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Commitment, Acceptance of diversity


To enrich discerning individuals confidence and skills in English for Hospitality, built on existing knowledge of English, so they enter an international working environment at a higher level of employment with ease

Founding Team

abc Foundation got established as a not-for-profit organization to help development of young adults to a globally recognized standard, to enable them to take up employment in the hospitality industry. abc’s core initiative is to impart learning made available by trained abc tutors of a specially developed curriculum, “English for Hospitality Professionals”, to young adults having completed successful specially designed abc assessment tests.

Graduates benefit further through relevant grooming skills and job application skills. Employment opportunities for abc graduates are made available through an affiliated abc placement company for employment in the UAE if growth in their host countries is not possible. The end result is gratifying as we witness our graduates going towards further education or employment that had deluded them earlier, or even becoming entrepreneurs. abc does not only benefit graduates financially, but helps eradicate poverty, as their families and indeed society sees a transformation.

Management Team

mustafa ghulam

Ghulam Mustafa

Qurat Sharif

akbar motani

Akbar Motani

farrah sheikh

Farrah Sheikh

Adarsh Verma

Zohra Mubarak

Our Services Model



Near free learning after passing assessment tests accorded to those:

  • Having basic English Knowledge 
  • Having been to school but not furthered themselves 
  • Applicants not employed in their chosen career of study 
  • Applicants with no growth prospects, having to take up menial positions 
  • Unemployed for over 12 months 
  • Whose gross income of their families is below national norms 
  • Relaxation on merit to working professionals with poor level of English
entry assessment

Entry Assessment

Entry is only possible after successfully passing competency tests designed on international norms for the following:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading

Responses are marked against a designed rubric that allows placing applicants to different levels of the curriculum.



Regular Evaluation of abc programs applying a 360° approach is applied covering the following: 

  • Student's continual comprehensive assessment 
  • Teacher's (two-fold) assessment by students and Master Trainer 
  • Assessment of study material based on feedback from students and teachers to follow current trends 
  • Curriculum assessment by the industry experts so that the program is customized with hospitality industry norms
abc curriculum

abc Curriculum: 3 Levels of Tailored Curriculum (British Council authored)

Level 1: Elementary

  • 72 hours of learning, focused on initiating and indulging in English conversations 
  • Knowledge of basic hospitality etiquette 
  • Frequently used vocabulary and phrases 
  • Placement preparation for various hotel departments 
  • Allow choice to be made for department selection.

Level 2: Intermediate

  • 72 hours of learning focusing on advanced language usage of the hospitality industry and in-depth knowledge of different departments of a hotel. 
  • 4Star/5Star hotel work experience for a day 
  • An opportunity to be placed in a hotel for work experience

Level 3: Skills Enhancement

  • Training focusing on increasing confidence through in-depth directives of knowledge and practice to communicate in a professional manner 
  • Job Experience Workshops & Role- plays to focus on increasing confidence through advanced practice of English 
  • Grooming skills 
  • CV writing skills
student certification

Student Certification

abc certificates for proficiency in English for Hospitality are sought after documents by HR Managers in the GCC Certification procedures are as follows:

Students attaining 60% marks in all areas of program awarded "Certificate of Achievement" 

Students attaining less than 60% marks awarded "Certificate of Participation" 

Being industry specific abc certification, allows high chances of graduates winning a job interview

Our Logo

basic need circle

Basic Need

The Circle

Starting simply, basic requirements = A Global reach / A universal need.

love for education

Love For Education

The Heart

Refining stage adding few curves = Love for improvement/ Yearning for a better life/ Growth/ Need for education/love.

shine like a star

Ready To Shine

The Star

Refined with more definition = Self Improvement/ Sense of achievement/ Ready to shine/ Nearing actualizing potential

Take The First Step Toward Success

abc Foundation contributes to 3 UN Sustainability Development Goals

“Ensure significant mobilization of resources from a variety of sources including through enhanced development cooperation”

The Founders of the NGO, “An Advent for Building human Capital” (abc) have through their own resources mobilized funding and voluntary capacity. Indeed founders and several of the management team give of their time voluntarily as an altruistic gesture.

“To provide adequate and predictable means for developing countries, in particular least developed countries, to implement programmes and policies to end poverty in all its dimensions”

As the name of abc - ‘an advent for building human capital’ suggests it was founded to implement education programmes to help end poverty by making the unemployed, employment worthy.  abc provides free training to the unemployed or those in menial jobs with no chance of growth in rural areas of India & Pakistan.

“... By 2030, ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university”

Whilst we cannot ensure equal access of affordable education is made available for both sexes throughout, abc’s efforts for their endeavors of providing a specific curriculum as stated are equally accessed to both the genders.

“By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship”

The curriculum

“English for Hospitality Professionals” (EHP) aids the unemployed in Pakistan and India by providing relevant skills including technical and vocational skills to aid their growth to attain employment or become entrepreneurs. We are proud to state that:

abcF enrolled 50% female and 50% male in our trainings

abcF increases number of beneficiaries every year
The target in Pakistan from July 2019 – June 2020 is 650 enrollments as compared to 150 per annum as was the norm.
According to the 2018 impact study, our statistics show that more than 80% EHP graduates are impacted and are either employed, are entrepreneurs or have progressed to tertiary education.
abcF helps graduates to look for opportunities in larger hotels.

“By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training”

abcF as an NGO –
“An Advent for Building human Capital”(abc)  provides free education – “English for Hospitality Professionals” to the unemployed in Pakistan and India, aiding their growth through employment, and hopes to help reduce the proportion of the unemployed youth.

“By 2030, devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products”

abc promotes sustainable tourism at national and international platforms by bringing required human resource to a level required in hospitality to Global standards. This is substantiated by the award given to abc by ‘“Naya Pakistan” Investment Conference, Dubai 2019’

Global Operations

India - Dehli Chapter

Akbar Motani

Member in Charge

adarsh varma

Adarsh Varma

Liaison Officer – Training Manager

Zohra Mubarak

Project Coordinator

Pakistan - Punjab & Gilgit Baltistan Status Chapter

Akbar Motani

Member in Charge

Zohra Mubarak

Project Coordinator

Fiza Ali


Shamsher Khan


Shahzadi Hussain


Tariq Rahim Baig

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Saif ul Haq

Assistant Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Farhan Yaqoob

Admin and Finance Officer

UAE - Dubai Chapter

akbar motani

Akbar Motani

Member In Charge

Zohra Mubarak

Project Coordinator

farrah sheikh

Farrah Sheikh

Master Trainer


Ms. Roxana Jaffer

Ms. Anita Mehra

Mr. Bashir Nathoo

Our Partners



Success Stories

Anishka Agarwal

"This course was very fruitful for me. It was very beneficial 

as it helped to increase my self-confidence and improve communication skills. This is an amazing course...“

Anishka Agarwal

Beant singh

Has made my dream come TRUE! They say that “First step is always the hardest” but for me it has never been that way.
I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and that place was abc foundation.

Beant  singh

Mehdi Raza

"I used to to get rejected in interviews, gave almost 7 interviews before
joining to sharpen my English communications skills and get a job in Hospitality." 

Mehdi Raza

AS Mohammad Saifi

"Just a week later of
my graduation day, I had my first interview; one week after then, a world renowned fast-food chain offered me a

job of a crew member.... A dream come true :) It is a genuine break to learn and finally working in Hospitality."

AS Mohammad Saifi


"Classes provided us hospitality knowledge that helped me in starting my

career in the hotel industry and was very good for my growth.“


Pavitra Gautum

"Is a very good course for students wanting to learn English and in search of a career in Hospitality. 

By joining this course, we improved our English. Thank you.“

Pavitra Gautum

anjana Singh

"For hospitality, it is very beneficial as they helped improve our communication skills and give enhanced

knowledge towards hospitality..“

Anjana Singh

"I am good at writing but speaking was always a challenge. My practical skills were always underestimated due to my communication skills. After overcoming communication barrier at abc, I have started to enjoy the attention and recognition I longed for. Their focused approach and lively class atmosphere played key role in my communication & confidence development. Can’t thank abc enough for what they have done“

Mohan Bahadur Chand

" I just want to say thank abc for letting me participate in EHP class. I learned a lot specially when it comes to hospitality like talking to the guests, body language, learned about different places and their cultures too. At first we all thought that class will be boring but when we came in the middle of the first class and the way trainer deliver the lectures; it was like we're playing and learning at the same time. All the classmates never cared about the time because we really enjoyed the training methodology. If ever there will be abc class again I would like to suggest Ruben, Marvin and Maheer to attend the class. Once again thank you Ms. Khadeeja and abc.“

Daniel Cris Pascal

" My meeting with Managers used to be pretty quiet. I wanted to talk but couldn’t, my words used to finish before I could make my point. Ever since I received abc training, my discussions have become more meaningful and my presence is noticed and appreciate. I couldn’t be happier. I would encourage all those people who have been in such state to join this institute and experience the change“

Piyar Azam

" abc training was a different experience. The curriculum enhanced my speaking skills; I learned a lot about hospitality industry and English related to it. Never felt bored during classes, all the activities & lesson were relevant yet enjoyable.The best part was team work and presentations. Thank you abc, you have been awesome!!“

Sameera Nalin

"  My English was not good; it created problems at my work place. It also affected my confidence and work performance. I always wanted to learn English but due to weak educational background, it was really hard for me. If it wouldn’t have been abcFoundation, I would have been living in the same misery. The course content and teaching method was easy to understand and very effective in work place. Thank you abc for training.“

Bahadur Khan

"  The training was very inspirational, energizing and filled with both, substantial and in-depth knowledge. Methodologies like role plays, presentations, storytelling, group tasks and projects added life to the training. I have gained a lot of knowledge; excellent trainer, nice and inspiring group.“


"  abc training has been a big change for me. Through EHP I gained confidence, learned how to improvise and earned praise at work place. The curriculum and teaching method is excellent & easy to understand. I am happy and proud to be part of abc and encourage the people to benefit from abc platform.“

Usman Jalil

" I came across EHP training in a time when I had just graduated from university and had no clue on what career path to pursue. After getting some basic information about the training from promotional desk of abc Foundation Pakistan, I made up my mind to enroll for the course.
Lack of confidence was the major weakness of my personality but not after this training. The balanced approach of the EHP has equipped me with qualities such improved speaking, writing and reading. Furthermore, imparting renewed confidence in my personality is something I will remember EHP for. Besides the communication aspect, this training gave us awareness about the hospitality industry. Coming from a rural background I had never thought of myself to consider this field as my career option. But today, thanks to abc Foundation Pakistan, I have got and interview call from a local restaurant as Guest Relation Officer and I am hopeful to join them soon. I extend my sincere thanks to abc Foundation for designing and implementing this training for young generation of Pakistan“

Kashifa Murad

"  Working in 5-star hotels in Pakistan and abroad I have had this feeling that I had gained all the necessary experience and knowledge about hospitality, but this training proved me wrong. EHP was a blessing in disguise as it allowed unlearning outdated knowledge and then learning a great deal of new approaches on dealing with guests. The innovative way of teaching different styles of communication through demonstrations and peer learning was the best dimension of this training. I particularly enjoyed learning about how to avoid undesirable body language while interacting with guests in a hotel or restaurant.
EHP has boosted my confidence and improved my fluency in English. I now feel better informed about communication styles and see promotion prospects in my current job“

Muhammad Israr Ali

"   I am student of Bio Science (Botany) and in my last semester at Karakoram International University Gilgit. Before the training I would think about the conventional career streams which students generally pursue.  But after going through this rigorous training I am now of the view that hospitality industry is one of the niche career field. For me this one-month rigorous training course was a complete package. Not only it improved my English fluency and enhanced the reading and writing skills but also was full of innovative learning techniques and new industry specific knowledge. Thank you abc Foundation Pakistan for enabling me to speak English with confidence“

Nazneen Alam

" I came to know about EHP through a local promo campaign. Initially I was not sure if should join the training program. But it was only after joining the training session that I came across an entirely new world of opportunities and possibilities.

Even after graduating from university I would always find it difficult to interact with people owing to lack of confidence. This training has offered me confidence and an opportunity to think of the box. Now I can confidently consider hospitality industry as career choice for myself and I owe this new spark of confidence to the EHP training conducted by abc Foundation Pakistan.“

Sabiha Akhtar

" I have known abc IND for about 1 and half years. Even my sister also trained in the EHP (English for Hospitality Professionals) and she got job in Le Meridien Hotel, Gurgaon.  Like my sister (also an abc graduates) I received an offer as an Industrial trainee at Sofitel Hotel, Malaysia.

Thanks to the faculty (Mr. Adarsh). abc IND has helped me a lot in the stepping stone of my life. Thanks to the management and all the staff for giving such a good pathway to a promising career in the Industry“


" Came with ZERO confidence and finished with a job” - I approached the abc IND with the expectation of good infrastructure, assistance, friendly approach and more importantly faculty competence. No doubt the organization meets all the expectations. I thank and appreciate the support provided by the staff members and the faculty.
I came here with zero confidence to abc IND but now going out with full of confidence. The credit goes to our faculty, he taught us well.“


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